Address: Piazza Zannelli 1, Pettorano sul Gizio (AQ)

Telefono : +39 0864 487006




The nature reserve, which falls entirely within the Comune of Pettorano sul Gizio - between 530m above sea level from the River Gizio up to 2170m at the top of Monte Genzana - was established by the Regional Law n. 116 of 28 November 1996.

Managed in partnership with the Environmental Association ‘Legambiente’, it is of considerable importance and is one of only a few regional nature reserves to have the historic centre of the village entirely within the protected area.  It also acts as an ecological transition between the Abruzzo National Park and the Parco Nazionale della Majella.

Within the territory are diverse natural habitats with much flora and fauna. There are the fluvial environments of the river Gizio and the Riaccio stream, mixed forests of oak and hornbeam on the hilly plain, beech, yew and maple trees, subalpine shrubs and alpine meadows. The fauna is also rich with the presence of bears, wolves, deer, wild boars, foxes, weasels, badgers, martens, dormice, hares and squirrels.   Among the birds are the eagle, the peregrine falcon, the honey buzzard, the goshawk, and the rock partridge.

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